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URRA Tigre was the name of a headquarter that operated from 3rd March 2016 to 15th December 2021, that ​provided a living and working site for an average of six art professionals from Argentina and the world, for periods of one, two and three months.


The residency was located in the South Tigre District in the Municipality of Tigre, in the Province of Buenos Aires –a quiet area that is also of easy access from and to the City of Buenos Aires.

URRA Tigre had a renovated house that holds individual bedrooms with private bathrooms, a community kitchen, a dining and living-room and a library. At the back

of the lot there was a big shared studio with tools and other facilities. 

In the residency participants could start new projects or proposals specifically conceived during the residency that respond to the new contextual frame, or may continue the development previous projects, without pressure to produce finished work.

The residents were provided with general assistance from the URRA team. During the residency curators and other art professionals were also invited for a one to one studio visit, to meet the participants and to discuss their projects.

As a part of the program the residents participated of a Formal Program of activities that include Audio Visual Presentations and Open Studios.

They were also provided with a Program of Informal activities that included visits to galleries, museums and other places of interest, visits to the Delta, group meals and other shared activities.


URRA Tigre had the support of the South Tigre District, Nuevo Urbanismo and the Municipality of Tigre.

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