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The MAYO Residency was URRA’s second program.


It had four consecutive editions produced from the year 2012 to 2015, always in the month of May and in dialogue with the arteBA fair that used to take place during that month.

​This two-week program brought together a group of a maximum of six visual artists from Argentina and the world, offering them a context to think and to start new projects, to interact with colleagues, with the city and the art fair and to spread and exhibit their projects.

During this residency the participants were granted a studio that functioned as a place to produce work and also to exhibit their projects. 


As part of this program artists participated in an Audiovisual Presentation and an Open Studio, together with other informal activities that linked the artists to the city, the artistic and cultural scene and the art fair. 

This program was carried out thanks to the support of several public and private entities.

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