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​Along with the residencies, URRA also produces other programs and artistic events such as concerts, shared meals, talks and presentations. 

Recently we started a key alliance with the Lazo Cordillera Project from Chile, that supports residencies in URRA for Chilean artists.

We also co-produced the Twelve In December project with artists from Switzerland and Latin America, focused on the practice of performance.


The Lazo Cordillera Grant is an annual program launched in 2018 that continues in the present.

Through an open-call, a Chilean visual artist is selected to participate in a three-month art residency at the URRA Tigre program.


This grant is made possible thanks to a group of philanthropists and people linked to the artistic milieu that make up the Chilean Lazo Cordillera group.



The first edition was held from December 1st to 17th 2018 in URRA Tigre, Buenos Aires.

In this program, twelve women artists from Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Switzerland shared seventeen days at URRA Tigre, to talk about issues related to identity, genre, performance, art and different territories, among other issues. In an initial public activity, the artists introduced themselves in pairs to each other.

The activities shared during the two weeks in URRA were planned by the group according to their interests. In the shared time, the artists also produced new works that were presented in a shared performance event that brought this edition of the program to a close. 


The project was initiated by the Stroh Zu Gold Foundation (Switzerland) together with URRA (Argentina). It had the support of de Swisslos Kultur Kanton Bern, Kultur Stadt Bern, artEDU Stiftung, PROA21, Espacio Tucumán and Alto Da Serra Spe Ltd.

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